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!!!this is not an adult website!!!

this was the only domain i could afford please stop sending me hatemail

Hi! My name is Mark and I am a model train enthusiast! I made this personal web site so I could document pitures of trains that I like to look at and so that I could talk to other train fans.

If you like model trains, youve come to the rite page!!! If youre here for other stuff though Im sorry but this is just a model train page and ONLY a model train page and you need to go somewhere else.

I didnt pick the name of the website my friend gave it to me when I told him I wanted a website and he was getting rid of it because he had to move to philipines and he said they dont let you have websites there. If your looking for the website david had here he said dont look for it anymore and to stop calling him and you have to call his lawyer. This is now my website and its for model trains.

So if your here to read about trains! Read on!

Welcome! Check out the sections below to learn about trains and me, Mark!!!

Train Of The Day

a good train

What Are Trains?

Trains, also known as locomotions, are the oldest form of travel in the world. Model trains are small versions of trains that you can't ride in. In fact if you tried. Youd probably die!!!

What Happend To The Old Website?

David took it down and you need to leave me alone. I dont have those pictures he said the cops took them so you need to talk to the cops about that. I just like trains

That's me. I'm mark and I made this website. I did all the pictures and uploaded the train stuff with help from my friend david. He helped me get set up online before he moved away. I haven't seen him since so the site is incomplete and i still get some of his email.

Please don't email me if your trying to email david. My name is mark and I dont know where david is. Please stop sending police to my house, and don't call me, unless you want to talk about trains that is!!!

My Train Collection

Choo Choo!

My favorite one

A powerful engine

I love to watch it

This one is pretty

There's nothing sexual about that

I like this train

Please dont bully me

I wish I could live on this one

Leave me alone

What A Beaut!

I want to be alone with my trains

All Aboard!

So much steam


Trains set me free!

Contact ME!! (about trains only)



ICQ: 1827366272

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